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Financial Benefits

  • Reduce Overhead Expenses – We typically save our customers between 10 – 30% of your current expenses
  • Consolidate Vendors – Many companies have found that by consolidating vendors, they reduce their costs and receive a better overall quality of service. This helps reduce their total number of payables and the associated costs. It also helps them get the best terms from their remaining vendors.
  • Reduce Payables - One invoice for supplies & service & equipment
How much does it cost you to process an invoice? If you have separate vendors for printer supplies, service, and hardware, multiply the monthly cost of the invoice times three. Add in similar costs for your fleet of printers and fax machines, and the number grows.

If the cost to process an invoice is $30-$50, that means you could be spending hundreds of dollars a month before a single page exits your devices. Plus, purchase requisitions for all of these items can add to the cost and reduce productivity.
  • Leverage Your Current Investment – The goal is a balanced deployment.

You have made a significant investment in your output fleet and there is no need to change for change’s sake. We identify areas of uncontrolled expenses – such as color, high expense devices and over & underutilized devices – when appropriate, our solutions target these areas with an expected RETURN ON INVESTMENT.

  • Control Budgets Accurately – Usage Based Models Provide You with a Managed Budget Instead of Surprises.

Toner based models are variable; many times service is included but parts or labor are not. Our usage-based business model is accurate, measureable and flexible.


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